This life that we live is our "one chance" to make impact. We make impact, one choice at a time.”

Over 20 years ago two young boys met up on a weekend street corner.  One of them was local to the small town in Oklahoma, while the other was fresh from the big bright city lights somewhere in California. 

For some strange reason, the two of them began to jockey for position on that corner parking area. Mad dogging each other, the situation became tense but the two decided not to take it to the streets. They took the high road and each went about their way.  

Years later the local boy Chance Rush, and city boy, Marcus Anthony Guinn would be united at a national youth conference in Phoenix.  Out of almost 1000 Native youth leaders in attendance, Trainer Howard Rainer, randomly picked both Chance Rush and Marcus (emcee one) to help him with his training.  Since then they have worked together helping to make a change in the lives of both Native & non-Natlive youth & adults.  

Marcus is known to some as Emcee One from his albums and performances as a national recording artist & DJ. 

Emcee ONE & CHANCE Rush combined more than their names to help youth, staff, Tribal Governing Councils & more, become prepared for those "One Chance" opportunities that pop up in life.   

More than that, they want people to view this life that we live, as our "One Chance" to make a difference, and thats done one choice at a time. 

Contact us and let us know what you think of the concept, and what that means to you. ;)