Introducing Again for the First Time: Emcee One Aka Marcus Anthony

by Emcee One

Released 2012
One Innertainment
Released 2012
One Innertainment
This is a hip hop | alternative | pop | worship | fusion. Just like the planet earth has lakes, mountains, and desserts, the landscape of this project is diverse as it gets. Common & Kanye West, meets Cold Play and the Chill Peppers -futuristic old skool
After 6 years working in communities, and tribal villages, emcee one returns to the mic, with a reintroduction to the game. Long time song writer and producer / musician Kendall Combes (formerly mercy me / charlie hall / passion conferences) teamed up with long time battle rapper turned christian, emcee one to try to fill a lane they felt was missing.

(emcee one/marcus anthony speaking):
Working in tribal communities, schools and governmental programs, I saw a missing lane in music, especially in urban. In music it seems there are two extremes, hard core filthy vs hard core evangelistic gospel. Both sides throw their message down the throat of the consumer, meanwhile there is a huge need for "bridge building" music.

I wanted my music to be as accessible to all people as possible. To do so, it needs to be free from profanity. At the same time i didn't want to beat people over the head with scripture either, that also alianates people.

There is worship on the album, but no sales pitch to try to pressure anyone to believe, (thats Gods department) So a Christian emcee, and a Rock Worship writer/producer, embarked on a musical journey. We had no idea it would be so controversial.

Musically it was awesome to spend a year on a project. No samples (though it sounds like it) Kendall and i (mostly Kendall) created everything from scratch with real musicians, and instruments & programming.

There are some street bangers, as tribute to my west coast upbringing, some boom bap as tribute to my east coast love, and some worship as tribute to my real "ONE" ;)

We wanted something fresh, something different, something new, but with the flavor of old... we know there is really nothing new under the sun, so we call it "futuristic old school" ...or a hip-pop rock alternative fusion, and then let our lives be our worship! ;)
LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! [of the album]