Bio's and Backgrounds


ONE CHANCE LEADERSHIP - emcee ONE, & CHANCE rush combine to help reach Native American & all Youth nationwide.

Chance Lee Rush

Public Speaker | Youth Trainer | National Youth Conference Facilitator 

• Enrolled Tribal Member: Three Affiliated Tribes (Hidatsa) 
• Other Affiliations: Dakota, Arapaho, Otoe and Oneida
• School(s) Haskell Indian Nations University: 1998-99
• BSW: Oklahoma Baptist University 2000
• Currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma

I thank God everyday for the life HE has given me as well as the responsibilities that go along with it. While attending Haskell I created Cloudboy Consulting, LLC to work as a cultural and community consultant as a trainer, facilitator and speaker/spokesman at various conferences, schools, churches and communities.

For the past 13 years I have been blessed to conduct trainings throughout North America to promote and be an advocate for healthy living. My areas of interest and commitment are in the strength of family, community, education and culture.

I spent a part of my life in North Dakota on both the Standing Rock and Fort Berthold Indian Reservation before moving to Oklahoma with my mother where I established my education, family and home. Oklahoma is where I live but Fort Berthold is where I originated, its my home, its where I’m from, its my roots, and will be my final resting place.

I am very grateful to be a son, a brother, a friend and most importantly a father and advocate for healthy living. I have spent my entire life being alcohol and drug free. I believe being an example for others is the greatest gift you can give. I also believe that being consistent in my teachings, as well as showing and encouraging through my actions will lead to healthy choices for a better life style.

Since becoming a father I realize how blessed I am to have the opportunity to use my talents for personal growth. Running college track was a positive influence in pursuing my education. I took my drive and passion from the 400-meter track to serve others. I believe we can all take what we are great at and apply it to our daily lives.

I find it very important to be consistent in our communities. I believe that is where the strength and change starts. When I’m not visiting communities I spend most of my time with my children, I stay very active in my local communities, my church and with my family.

Marcus Anthony Guinn (emcee one)

• Member of the Osage & Potawatomi tribes.

DJ | Recording Artist | Youth Advocate | Conference Planner

Consulting Background
Marcus has served with many youth, and youth organizations nationally since 1994. Executive council member for United National Indian Tribal Youth, Facilitated workshops for National Congress of American Indians, NIEA, AISES, multicultural centers, detention centers, public schools. He was recently the national speaker for Parents Speak up, and was an invited speaker for "Helping America's Youth"; the (former)First Lady’s national White House Youth Conference (while in office).

His Work
I use to think hip-hop was my passion. I later found that my true passion is causing what I like to call “eyebrow crunches”. Eye brow crunches are when that kid in the back of the hall, puts his eye brows together and you can literally see the light bulb flickering on inside. “I’ve never thought about it like that before”, he says. I am absolutely addicted to being apart of that process. I work less on telling them what to think, but more instead, “how” they think. The goal is for the youth to walk out with the necessary data to begin a life change and to make better choices. I use my hip hop experience to relate. The fact I’ve met and or recorded with people they may know, gains me the “right to speak” in their eyes. I use hip hop, workshops, trainings, leadership camps, as a platform for the message.

He has most recently teamed up with 2 time all American, 6 time state champ, former pro runner for NIKE, Chance Rush to develop "ONE CHANCE" (one choice at a time). Be on the look out for one chance leadership conferences, and Sports events.

Here is Music Video from SUPAMAN Feat. Emcee One Filmed by One Innertainment & One Chance Leadership